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It’s that time of year where we all traditionally pause for self-examination and goal-setting. I’m a little late to the party. I know I fulfilled my goal for last year, which was to follow my whims as I did not have much time for quilting. Might as well make it fun, right? This years goal is a little more structured – family first. So many quilts have left the house for clients, that my projects often hit the back burner. Its time for some self-love, so I’m putting a few items for our home at the top of the list. More specifically, I’d like to finish three quilts this year. The first will be the BonBon quilt that is in the frame right now. I’ll decide on the other two as I go.

I also have started a new quilt. When I was in Paducah, I grabbed up a Spring Bouquet quilt kit at Hancock’s of Paducah. This pattern is a batik spin on an appliqué album by Laundry Basket Quilts. Im doing the traditional needle-turn and here is block one in progress. This will be my personal Block A Month challenge.


Celtic Solstice is also moving along slowly. I have my stack of unpressed “block A” to show. Next up is Block B. Bonnie Hunter has a link-up going on a Quiltville and I am amazed to see so many finished tops. Then again, our house was hit with the flu, and we had someone sick from Dec 23- Jan 3. This time momma succumbed too, so I slept for almost 24 hours straight while DH took care of the house. One child was run to urgent care on New Year’s Day, so my sewing time was consumed by nursing and disinfecting. There is one last link-up scheduled for Groundhog Day. I’ll probably save a grand reveal until then. Since oldest child will have this quilt, it will most likely be the next into the frame.


While tending kids, I was able to increase the stack of rosettes for Grandmother’s Flower Garden. This is enough to do another row. I’ve cut the cream pieces and will work on surrounding each flower throughout the month. If I keep focused, this may get put into the frame before year end.


And my sis surprised me with these today. I had not taken a nice picture of baby M’s quilt because I finished it while in the hospital waiting room. She had her photographer take pictures after doing a sitting with Baby M. Thanks sis. Its a tumbler quilt that I hand quilted with a Celtic Cross. To me, it resembles a stained glass window. There are more details about marking the quilt here and a tutorial for tumbers here.



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I have been poking around the internet for a few days looking at other tumbler quilts for quilting designs. I just was not seeing anything that I liked. Outline quilting or baptist fans, while serviceable, were just not special enough. So I took a step back, considered Baby M’s family and what I find unique to the parents, and decided to ignore the block design altogether. I’m going to quilt this


It is some copyright free clip art. It is detailed enough to still look great after enlargement. So I worked at the computer this morning to get this appropriatly sized, printed, and taped up. I’m not concerned about any pixilation because I can smooth the lines as I mark, and the pixillation actually helps me to get the pieces properly aligned.


This I can be excited about, a celtic cross. I’m planning to use charcoal thread for the cross, and the large blank areas that require a fill design will be quilted in white. The next step it to put Little Miss down for her nap and get marking.


….and after her nap, it is completely marked. Hopefully when all are in bed I can take the first stitches.

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A quick project

I finished the top for baby M in under two hours. I needed a quick sew after so many hours at the quilting frame, so I decided on the thimble patches as opposed to doing pinwheels.

I’m working with 5″ strips also know as charm strips or a dessert roll. I’m going to show how to cut this shape without a specialty ruler. I’ve layered up 4 cuts and aligned them with a horizontal and vertical line on my cutting mat. My first cut is to take off the end. I am aligning my ruler with the lower corner of the fabric and instead of a vertical cut, I am moving the ruler over 1″ at the top.


For the next cut, I move the ruler 3″ across the top, and 5″ along the bottom. Another way to describe this is to move the ruler over 5″ along the bottom and then tilt the top to the right by 1″.


Next cut is 5″ along top and 3″ along the bottom.

Keep rocking the ruler and cutting down the strip. The critical place to watch is the alignment on the cutting mat. Usually we measure with the ruler, but for this, it is just a straight edge.

Here is the stack all cut and the waste. I am using almost all the fabric. It took me less than fifteen minutes to cut all the pieces.

Assembled and pressed. When I am done with the binding on the tee shirt quilt, I’ll layer this up to start the quilting. I’m debating between ditch or baptist fans. I have a few days to decide.

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