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I did start quilting the BOM. I really need to find another name for this little quilt, something cute and catchy. Anyway, here is a photo of my progress thus far. This is an upper corner completed.

And of the back side


I decided on a taupe thread. I think it is dogwood by Coats. It is not as stark as a white or cream and seems to blend well with the fabric.

I also decided to do a Christmas quilt top as we start the Advent season. To spice it up, I am doing it as a mystery. Bonnie Hunter at Quiltville publishes a mystery every year and the title of the quilt for this year is Easy Street. Clue number one is up and I hope to start in on it as soon as the kids are in bed tonight. Until I have a progress photo, here are my fabric selections. Red, green, gold, and brown. Her palette is aqua, lime, purple, and grey. The background will be a variety of cream on whites. These are just a jumping off point. I know I have other non-Christmas fabrics in this palette that will get added in as I go. Lots of the ones I pulled so far have some glitter/gold on them and the additions from my stash will temper the glitz.



If you would like to play along with the mystery, then jump on over to Quiltville. These instructions are available for a limited time before being pulled for publication, so save all the steps! I really respect the creative work put into designing, so I will not be giving dimensions, cutting instructions, quantities, or anything that might detract from the copyright holder. What you will find are lots of pics of a quilt in process and anecdotes of my construction process. Thanks for understanding and enjoy the journey! If you are interested in seeing other quilters who are working on this project, there will be a linky party on Monday. I hope to have some sewing done by then.


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As the end of the year approaches, I am starting the push to empty the UFO bin. I know my tendencies to start multiple projects over the winter so I am trying to preempt an accumulation of half done items.

First up are bindings. I had three quilts waiting on the binding. I realize that a lot of people don’t care for this step, but I normally do not find it to be problematic. Put on a few good movies and stitch away. The hold up has been getting machine time to make and sew down the bindings. So this week I told my husband to turn on a hunting show while I got a quilt ready. One episode for him, and I was ready to roll. Quilt binding done during other tv time. I am planning to go up and put the binding onto another tonight so I have it ready to turn during the Steeler game. Three hours of good progress should bring me close to being done. Sometimes I just need a plan and a kick in the butt.

That brings me to my rave review for this week. My LQS had a huge sale and I picked up some Clover binding clips on a splurge. Who can pass a BOGO on notions?

20121117-134959.jpg I LOVE them. No pins to prick, and I am not fighting the quilt and fatiguing my left hand in the process. The stitching also seemed to go faster. Clip binding into place and sew, repeat. I am not sure why I resisted using this type of tool, but I am now sold. One package should work for most applications, but I purchased a second for when I’m doing scallops so I have enough to stitch a good distance continuously.

20121117-135308.jpgI have the first top from Cindy Blackberg’s BOM ready to mark for quilting. I think that I will use this acorn stencil in the solid stripes with a diamond fill over the blocks. The blocks are seam allowance heavy, and this will secure them without doing outlining. The dusty blue fabric from the setting triangles will be the back. At this point, I am undecided on thread color. I’ll need to pull out a few spools and see what works best. It is not well pressed yet, so it does not appear flat in the photo. I’m sure once pressed and well basted it will quilt flat and square. I’m intending to get the second colorway stamped and stuck into my purse for stitching during swim lessons. I have to sit and wait for two hours a week which is prime stitching time.

My last project was a baby sweater for the little one. I like to spin wool and try to do one project a year. This is 4oz of wool/silk/bamboo blend spun on a drop spindle, plied on a wheel and hand knit. A labor of love and hopefully an heirloom. I still have 4 oz in the same colorway that I have not touched, I’m trying to decide what to do with that. Spinning is as soothing to me as handquilting. It gives me an outlet when I am starting to feel burned out on a quilt project. A night or two of spinning lets me contemplate a problem, or just experiance color unlike what is in my quilting basket. Oftentimes I can pull a quilt palette from something I see an independent dyer doing. Most spinning is a long term project because it does not get dedicated time, but the diversion is worth it.

So hopefully by the end of the year, I will have just the garden colorway from BOM to quilt. There will be no more UFOs in the downstairs work basket. I’ll probably allow myself a new project, but I will also pull from the upstairs UFO bin for two more. I’m going to choose later so whatever it is appeals to me at the time.

Happy announcement – I will be in Paducah this year! Merry Christmas from my husband. We have our hotel booked and am waiting for registration to open. I’ll be the one with the baby in a frontpack/sling (hopefully she will travel well at 10 weeks) and the grandma in tow. My mom has agreed to be my travel companion. She must have enjoyed the trip to Houston last year enough to venture to another show with me. Then again, perhaps the grandchild is the clincher. Anyway, if you see me, please stop me to say hi, and I’m willing to meet up for a meal with anyone interested.

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Update on BOMs

It has been a while since I posted blocks from the Blocks of the Month that I was doing this year. Here are a bunch from Cindy Blackberg’s program. I hope to get these set together by the weekend into a small top. The original design places them on point in bands that alternate with embroidered strips. For this quilt I am skipping the embroidery in favor of dark colored bands that will show a light colored quilting design. I’ll get the feel without the added handwork.

These are untrimmed and unpressed. When I do my husband’s dress shirts for next week, they will go under the iron. These blocks have been potato chip sewing. They are so small that they go together quickly and use so little fabric. I grabbed scraps from a top that I sold last year hoping to use up the bits. I used two fabrics completely and what is left is going back in the scrap drawer. I have these same blocks in another colorway that I hope to post next week. It completely changes the feel of the quilt to just pick another colorway. Perhaps a side by side when both tops are sewn.

I really like the low prep work with Cindy’s stamps. I stamp and kit in batches, filling baggies as I go. Then I can just grab and sew as the mood strikes. One child has already had a rotary cutter injury, and aside from ink stains, this is pretty child friendly. No rotary cutter needed. Anyway, I am planning to pick up her stamp basket set to do as a scrap project. (They are about halfway down the page). When I finish a large quilt, I’ll just stamp out however many blocks to use up small leftovers. I’m not aiming for a specific quilt size, and this will definitely be long term, unless I decide to dig into the scrap bins. I love the scrappiness of Bonnie Hunter’s yearly leaders and enders projects at quiltville. I do so little machine sewing that picking a stamped project seemed more appropriate for me. I’ll just shove completed blocks in a box and someday there will be enough to assemble.

Well, thats the scoop on this project. I’ll try to get more pictures of progress as it happens!

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The block for this month was a Square in a Square. I sat down and made these two versions in an evening by hand. Version one is constructed as designed, so it has a seam running vertically through the outermost triangles. I was not fond of the extra bulk, so for the cottage version, I ran the numbers for rotary cutting half square triangles. Both look lovely. I still need to grade the seams and trim up tips, so they can be added to the project box until the next mailing.


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Cindy Blackberg is a teacher that focuses on handwork. I had the privilege of taking her Scrappy Mariners Compass class at International Quilt Festival this past November. Cindy has a product line of patchwork stamps that I really wanted to try, and I love them. She was offering a Block of the Month program this year which I decided to join. Here are my first blocks.

I decided to make two colorways of this quilt. The first will be a softer cottage floral. The second is in the darker country style. I’m using my scrap basket for both. I am very pleased with how quickly these came together. They finish at 3 3/4″, so the quilt as a whole will be small.

Signups are now closed for the BOM, but more info can be found on Cindy’s stamps here:
Cindy’s Stamps
I am not affiliated, but a happy customer.

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