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Dear Jane week 6


This is a two triangle week, top row 1 and 3. Nothing too tricky about assembling them. I did these by machine a few years ago when I started the project. Next week I have scheduled as a break week. I really appreciate the breaks because I can explore other ideas without burning out on this quilt. In fact, I’ll be spending my week re-acquainting myself with my sewing machine. I’ve had a special order come in and I need to get on it pronto. This afternoon was fabric acquisition, prep, and most of the cutting.

I have been on another fabric buying binge (wow, that sounds bad) but I am thrilled to see the packages start to arrive. I really have admired 3 Sisters Etchings line since I first saw the previews almost a year ago. Now I have the perfect pattern and went shopping for fabric. Fortunately, I was able to still find fabric, but ended up purchasing from several shops. The pattern that I like was published in American Patchwork and Quilting June 2010

honeycomb stars

But I am going to enlarge it to a bed quilt size, essentially making an equivalent of four of the published pattern to do it. I dropped it into EQ, but experience has show that it really estimates fabric on the heavy side. So I guessed and will build stars until I’m done or the fabric is gone. The plan is to make the stars from all the lights aquas and charcoals against the redwood tonal background. Kinda like this


I decided to grab a bundle of the wovens as well to add some stripy interest, but they are still in the mail. First things first, my machine is calling me.


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Dear Jane week 5


Here are my blocks for this week. I chose the appliqué the melons on both square blocks. There has been some discussion on quiltingboard.com about using reverse appliqué, but for these blocks I do not prefer it. The main reason is that the elements are designed to touch. When using reverse appliqué I would need to leave a bridge between each melon to allow for the turned under seam allowance. The points could never match like they do in these pictures, at least the way I execute the technique.

I chose to modify my triangle from the published pattern. The original Jane quilt has a skinny border around the edge of this tri. I decided to eliminate it and extend the seams a tad to compensate and get size. Since I plan to use solid white tris between each pieced one, I did not need the visual boundary and eliminated a few pieces. As I look at the quilt, I anticipate doing this to suit my design/assembly style, and I am ok to not create a faithful reproduction.

Tomorrow is the next release of JT2 which will coincide with my trip to the local courthouse for jury duty. I know I cannot work on pieces in the jury box, but I really want to have something to occupy my hands for the down times. The timing of the release could not be better. I have sew all my kitted Jane blocks, so I hope to cut a batch while cutting JT2.

In the meantime, I have started hand quilting the baby top I referenced two weeks ago. But that update is for another post.

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Dear Jane week 4


Here are my Dear Jane blocks for this week. Simple curved pieces are easily achieved with Press and Seal. They are also laying nicely without clipping the curves.

This has managed to be quite a week for my family. Jury Selection on Monday, started the task of completing taxes Tues, kids had colds on Wed and were vomitting/diarrhea today. I’d really love a mulligan for the week. I’m hoping the weekend brings both health and happiness.

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Dear Jane week 3


Here are my three blocks for this week. The first is A1. I paper-pieced this block several years ago. This is one block that Brenda drafted differently in her book than it appears in the quilt. I chose to keep this block as published, and not redraft. I decided that since I am not attempting an exact replica, I may make substitutions or eliminate seams as it suits my purposes.

Another adjustment that I made was to appliqué my circles onto the background for block B1. I also reversed the fabric placement. It might be better to reverse appliqué if the light value takes the circle position to avoid shadowing. How to tell the difference between the two methods? By checking how the seam allowances are pressed. If the seam allowance lays under the background, it indicates reverse appliqué. If the circles were the appliqué, then all the seam allowance would be underneath them.

The last block in this set is A5, which I chose to rotary cut and hand piece.

I worked today to kit up another bunch of blocks. I was called to report for jury selection, so I wanted something to do while I am at the courthouse all day. I have all my freezer paper templates made and ironed onto the fabric. I just need to cut apart the pieces over the weekend as scissors are a no-no in court. I’ll stick block kits, a needle, thread, and a pin into a baggie to take with me. So far I have six blocks ready to go. I’ll probably add a few more as I really do not want to run out. For me there is almost nothing worse than having to sit all day with nothing to do. I’m going over-prepared.

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Dear Jane week 2

Here are my blocks for week 2. They are C1, C3, and B13. They are all simple blocks to piece. I chose to paper piece one (three years ago) and hand piece the other two.


My box from cuddle-bugs.com arrived today. I totally flipped when I opened the box. Some of the fabrics looked really familiar from the thumbnails, but I realized when I had them in hand that they were from Moda lines. Yeah for a great buy!

Update on the shopping trip to the LQS, I was restrained, but did add to my studio. In the notions category, I grabbed a package of bias bars. I can never find the size I want so a few extras are a good thing. I also purchased two packages of binding clips from Clover. They have a domed top and the base is ruled so when a binding is turned it will be even without using a seam gauge. For Just Takes 2, I grabbed another spool of thread. I’m not sure that I’ll need it, but better safe than sorry. Also in my bag are some new quilting stencils, a quilt backing, and marking pencils.

My shop owner also introduced me to the Jelly roll race quilts. Pretty cute! I think by controlling the palette it would make a really nice appliqué background. For a primitive quilt black sunflowers on a colored ground, or chose all neutrals and make the appliqué vibrant. I have so many irons in the fire right now that this idea will have to sit a bit, but it has potential.

I have been working on my JT2 blocks. I have two more to go from the current set. I am going to post my results later this week along with some thoughts on using Press and Seal for templates.

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