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The Bon Bon quilt is nearing the end of construction. I am ready start final assembly. All the blocks are done and a few need to be pressed. This will be top #1 of my personal UFO challenge.

My second will be a bit of a cheat. I found the perfect fabric to border my Easy Street on sale for $5/ yd. Craft Town Fabrics is having an inventory clearance sale. (Not affiliated, etc, etc). So once Bon Bon is a flimsy, four straight seams to finish this up. Now to save up for backing and batting.


More packages have arrived for Celtic Solstice. It is starting to come together. Still having problems with yellow and orange. Some if the fabrics that I purchased have hit the reject pile as they read tan. Not at all what I am going for. My “chore” for this week is to locate shirtings.


Otherwise, progress has been made on the Grandmothers Flower Garden. I have eight rosettes surrounded by white. It’s enough to add another row to the quilt after green hexagons are placed onto three sides. For anyone keeping track, that’s row 6 of 9. Still a ways to go. This top will carry over into next year.

I was putting away the magazine that contained the pattern for Match a Patch Stars when it fell open to this

20131107-191146.jpg. Oak Leaf and Reel in Christmas colors. SWOON! How did I miss this one? I have too much in the works right now, but I have flagged it for later.

As I sew tonight I’ll be contemplating the quilting patterns to use for BonBons and perhaps running to the store over the weekend for deep brown thread. I’m debating between an outline type design or Baptist fans all over. I love fancier quilting, but this is a couch-cuddle quilt and serviceable is still beautiful.


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It has taken me 10 days to get in my first post of the new year. Time is flying by on me. After new years, all things baby related have taken first priority. Now that everything is ready (including an impatient momma) for baby to arrive, I went back and finished up the piecing on Easy Street. Bonnie at Quiltville did a rapid fire release of the final clues, so they are all available now for a short time on her web site. Here is a rather crummy picture of my version. It has yet to be pressed and trimmed, but the top is together. I really wanted it to be borderless, but since it barely hangs down enough to cover the mattress, I will need to add on to it. I have enough of the one gold fabric for a small inner border, but will need to go shopping for the outer one. At this point, shopping could be a plus or minus. All the Christmas fabrics are on deep discount, but they are also picked over. I think I want to get a green because this is a very red quilt.

And in looking at the photo, I found two twisted 4-patches. Guess I’ll need my seam ripper. Other versions can be viewed at the link-up here.


This finish has also allowed me to start a new top, the Match a Patch Star that I previously mentioned. At this juncture, there is nothing to show as I was starting to sew 4-patches as leader/enders. Perhaps next week, there will be a pile of star centers done. I am really glad to have chosen this pattern as it is written use the Fons and Porter version of Easy Angle/Companion Angle rulers. Yeah for more practice making geese with this method!

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Out with the old

It is hard for me to accept that 2013 is just hours away. This year has flown by quickly, mainly chasing kids and anticipating the arrival of our baby any day now. I have been able to re-prioritize quilting into my life and have shared a fraction of the projects coming out of my studio. When I look back on my goals for this year, I have completed none of them. Instead I have followed my creative whims, and I am ok with that.

Today I have been sewing on the Easy Street quilt. Bonnie Hunter released clue 7 today, which is a partial assembly, and the rest debuts tomorrow. I have really been enjoying time at the machine again and have thoughts on why this is. First, I love the anticipation of a new step. This method breaks down the quilt into manageable parts with a manageable deadline. Instead of directions like make X blocks, it is make X subunits. Probably a subtle difference but it has kept the focus for me. It just seems more doable to have these little chunks that fit into pockets of my life.

Which has put me onto a sort of spending spree. I have evaluated patterns for the ability to be broken down in a like manner and purchased fabric with the hope of continuing to sew after the reveal of this quilt. I have pulled one quilt from the project box and purchased two more so far. The next one to get cut (as soon as Easy Street is assembled) is the Match a Patch Stars quilt from the Nov/Dec 2012 Fons and Porter magazine. It will allow me more practice with the specialty rulers and will go to Etsy when completed. Here is the fabric for it, all reproductions. I’ll show my other choices as I get to them.


Not much of a retrospective entry from me. Sometimes it is better to continue on the path and look back later. Thats the feeling I have today. There is so much to anticipate in our lives now that I am more hopeful than pensive. I pray that 2013 holds the same outlook for you too.

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Easy Street Part 4 recap

Friday – I know I am an addict when the first thing I check (before coffee and a bathroom stop) is Bonnie’s blog for the newest mystery clue. Looks like we are back to geese, sub assembly, and some bonus cutting for a future clue. My last color will finally come out to play. I have been such a good girl doing my house chores today before cutting, but I might have to take a break and start in on the mystery as a reward 😉 I am hoping that the bonus cutting will come into play next week as Christmas will limit what time is available to me for sewing.

At my dr appt. this week, the doc suggested I take stomach meds until the baby is born. Boy what a difference! I have been able to sleep (Wow!) at night and lying flat which is miraculous. It has been so nice to not be awake with indigestion for hours. And I even ate goulash last night for dinner!! Tomato has been avoided here for months. Spaghetti, pizza, soups etc. Can you tell I am excited? I might even tempt fate with a salad at dinner tonight.

Friday afternoon – The geese are cut and parts separated to start sewing tonight. I use empty butter/chip dip/yogurt tub to keep the pieces until I am ready. If the kids are too exuberant, I can pop the lids on to keep the cut parts from going everywhere. That top left tub is spare parts from strip ends, some triangles from setting up the geese cuts, etc. I’ll use them at the end for a signature block or a spare for charity sampler quilts.


Saturday – All the geese are sewn and awaiting a press so they can be added to the other geese. When sub assembly starts to happen, I tend to start questioning my color/value choices. I can’t wait to see more of this completed so I feel more at ease with it.

Sunday – all sewn, pressed and trimmed.

20121217-083743.jpg. My squares are all cut as well. I am substituting red for Bonnie’s green. Remember this is a Christmas color scheme for my quilt.

I also pulled out the crochet hook to start making new dishrags. I can crochet, but it is a slow process. Unfortunately, I had an entire laundry load of towels come out as threads. I guess we have been married long enough to wear things out. Anyway, if I want to wash dishes, some emergency crafting was in order. Here is the one I finished. I just browsed Ravelry for free patterns.


The rest of the week will be spent wrapping Christmas gifts, washing baby clothes, and trying to hand quilt. And a few more dishrags, because one in the drawer is not enough.

Linking up at Quiltville and hope to have time to see everyone’s progress as the links roll in.

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Easy Street part 3 recap

Once again, Bonnie’ clue hit the news feed early Friday morning and I was able to get my cutting done while sitting with my feet up. One of the joys of pregnancy for me seems to be severely swollen ankles. So I get relegated to a chair for several hours a day. It is annoying to be always behind on my housework or Christmas preparations, but it is good quilting time.

Anyway, shaded patches are the order of the week, and I have mine done. Session one at the machine was putting on the first wing. Session two was the opposing wing. Session three was the large triangle. All pressing and trimming with my feet up. This step pulled in a new color, my green.


Also done this week were three more blocks for my Grandmothers Flower Garden. I am keeping this project in my purse for down time. English paper piecing is very portable. This quilt will be queen-sized and I am about half way done. Four of nine rows are assembled with enough flowers for almost two more rows. I just have to cut more cream and green.


Most of Saturday was spent at a baby shower for my sister-in-law. She pregnant with her second and due just a week before me. While I was gone my DH dug out Christmas decorations and started in on the transformation. I am hoping to tackle one tub of decorations a day so this job will be completed by the weekend. I have to have the weekends free for new mystery clues. While I wait on the clue release, I browse all(and I do mean all) the other sewists who link up on Bonnie’s blog

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Friday – I was up with indigestion and found that part 2 posted around 5 AM Eastern. Woohoo! My car is in the shop today, so I can’t go out. A perfect day to get the cutting done on this step. We are making flying geese units. I have not used the easy/ companion angle rulers before so this will be a learning experience. I am thankful for pictures and even a UTube video that Bonnie released to go with this clue.

Friday noon – all cutting done. Now to wait on the munchkins to go to sleep tonight so I can sew for an hour before bed. Using the rulers was easy. I appreciate matched pairs with half the dog ears pre-trimmed. I like that I can use standard size strips instead of doing crazy math. I think I’ll need to grab another pattern and practice converting from some traditional cutting methods to the new rulers, just to cement the concept.

Friday night – about 60 units have their right wings. Hopefully tomorrow they can be pressed out and the lefts added on. I think quilting is about the only place where both sides can work together nicely. Sorry, I’m tired and that was a poor attempt at a political joke. Right wing/left wing.

Saturday – I’ve had no time to sew today. We have enjoyed a family day at home, went for a prenatal massage, and started a few Christmas cooking projects. I don’t do a whole lot of cookies. I am planning one type a week until Christmas. Today was peppermint bark. Also on deck are mints, gingerbread men, fruitcake, and maybe snowballs (russian tea cake, mexican wedding balls). What I do have is quilt envy. I just saw the finished layout for Just Takes 2 and I am kicking myself for not continuing it. I do remember all the reasons that I stopped, but perhaps I’ll give this one a second chance and see how far I can get before the end of the year (in between East Street clues, of course.)

Sunday – I have completed 80 geese toward this clue’s quantity. Here is a pressed pile awaiting the dog ears clipped off. The remaining geese have only one side left to sew on, so probably one more session at the machine will finish off this clue. I am not sure about the snowflake material. All my other geese are darker and I am not sure this provides enough contrast. I’ll leave it for now and see later in the journey if I want to replace them with another fabric.


Monday AM – Shouting for joy this morning. I had mentioned that I put a hole through one of my Roxanne thimbles. The wonderful people at Colonial Needle have replaced it and it arrived today. Hip Hip Hooray!!! I had been struggling through with a coin thimble, but there is nothing like having the proper tools. I am actually considering the purchase of a second set so I am never without again.

Here is the motorcycle tee shirt quilt I have been hand quilting for a client. 110″ sq. Stabilized Jersey and cotton top, poly batt, and flannel backing. Very large, uneven grid to hold this together. Client insists on the hand quilting as opposed to machine or tying. I am using a variegated thread by Gutterman to add some visual interest to the basic quilting. Going for a plaid look. It is almost to the halfway point, so I am starting to think ahead to the next project to go in the frame. We will see what hits me when I get closer to the end. I have at least 10 tops awaiting their turn under the needle.


See more Easy Street quilts in progress here at Quiltville

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Easy Street, part one recap

Time to recap this weekend’s activities. Bonnie Hunter at Quiltville posted clue number one for this year’s mystery on Friday. It can be found here if you are not yet playing along. I was able to get all my units sewn over the weekend and just need to press out about 2/3. I am pretty pleased with that. If you are interested in following the progress of other quilters and seeing alternate colorways, then check out the Monday linky party here

Over all my goal is to finish the quilt, but realistically each week I want to get all the cutting done and half the units done. This will allow me to keep going as clues are released and get answers to questions in a timely manner. I’ll also be able in theory to assemble half the quilt. Not too shabby for the holiday season. I really like big quilts, so I do not want to size this down. It would be nice to be done pre-baby, but if this goes 8 weeks, we might be sewing the last seam post delivery.

As far as strategy this weekend, I did my cutting in the dining room with the kids all around. I can really get a lot accomplished while waiting at the table with the slow eater following meals. One of my young ones in particular is not a fan of turkey dinner which we have eaten twice in the past week. I can also get my pressing done while the kids play (and I iron a few of the husband’s shirts as well). After the kids are in bed, I have been sneaking into the sewing room for 1 hour per night to use the machine. Honestly, this clue was so easy, it made for great mindless time at the end of the day. Bonnie is known for complex piecing so I do not expect to be able to keep up, but perhaps I can meet my goals.

Actually, since my first clue is done, I had contemplated pulling out another sewing project to fill the gap until the next clue release. Two quilts at once? Fig Tree Quilts has a line called Tapestry for Moda that has caught my eye. I am thinking about pairing up this fabric with the Battle March quilt pattern from Moda Bake Shop. In my head, this combo is drop dead gorgeous, and I found the fabric on sale. It is the allure of the shiney new again. I should paw through my projects in bags (PIGS) and see what I have kitted up, ready to go. I know with certainty that the current UFOs are all handwork.

I should be hand quilting instead to get the Tee shirt quilt and BOM completed. Hand quilting has really stalled out. I put a hole in one of my Roxanne thimbles, the one I use on my thumb. I have switched to a coin style thimble, but it is not the same. I have about 1/3 of the BOM quilted now. It is moving along as I have tv time. More pics of that next time.

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