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20131102-081351.jpgI have all the bits cut for the BonBon quilt , so I decided to sew up one block which led to another and another. I finally stopped at 14 blocks – almost three rows of the quilt. And then I kept going. The kids like removing the papers as I anticipated, so I have not had to do that step all by myself. The husband was quite dismayed when I casually dropped “the kids are busy quilting” during a phone conversation earlier today. They are happy. I am happy. 🙂

I also am starting to have packages roll into the house. I can’t get Bonnie’s mystery off my mind, so I’m in again this year. The title is Celtic Solstice and she has posted the fabric requirements on her blog. This year features two sizes – 77″ and 111″ square. I’m going with the smaller as it will most likely be adopted by one of my kids. The fabric colors are green, blue, orange and yellow plus neutral background. Last year I chose my own color way. This year I’m following along, but this is not my preferred palate. After giving ORANGE some thought (that color does not exist in my quilting life) I realized this is the perfect opportunity to do a reproduction-styled quilt. Think poison, cheddar, chrome and indigo with shirtings. Here is a taste. More will be added to the pile for variety over the next two weeks.

20131101-175916.jpg. It has taken a while to source out all the fabric as some of these colors are not as frequently reproduced as turkey, madder, chestnut etc. Now I know why quilter stash! I’m debating if I share/sell the excess due to minimum cuts, or hoard it. Hmm….I’ll considered it while I finish sewing Bonbons.


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I did it my way

I am always thankful for a well written pattern, but sometimes the designer and I work (and think) differently. This Match a Patch Star is another example. This is a well written pattern, but I am modifying the methods to fit my organizational style. For example, this step is to make a four patch for each star center. Pattern is written to cut a bunch of squares and keep them in pairs. Umm, no thanks. For me, I would miscount, lose one, have kids knock over pile and have to sort them again. Not my thing. The speed way to piece these would be to strip piece, but I want more combinations than this method would provide. What is the way around it?

I cut bricks, two per star center. They get matched up randomly as they are fed through the machine, so I get the scrappy variety without repeating a combination. After a press they look like this.

20130111-094523.jpg Then they are stacked and cut in half.

20130111-094558.jpg I cut everything and just made two piles. The pile on the right gets rotated 180* and I am ready to feed them back though the machine in order.

20130111-094709.jpg I will thread each stack onto safety pin until I’m ready to sew so little fingers cannot rearrange them.

Is this a big deal? No. It just will work better for me and get the same result. I probably should practice following directions exactly, but for easy units like this one, I will do whatever will work best for me.

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It has taken me 10 days to get in my first post of the new year. Time is flying by on me. After new years, all things baby related have taken first priority. Now that everything is ready (including an impatient momma) for baby to arrive, I went back and finished up the piecing on Easy Street. Bonnie at Quiltville did a rapid fire release of the final clues, so they are all available now for a short time on her web site. Here is a rather crummy picture of my version. It has yet to be pressed and trimmed, but the top is together. I really wanted it to be borderless, but since it barely hangs down enough to cover the mattress, I will need to add on to it. I have enough of the one gold fabric for a small inner border, but will need to go shopping for the outer one. At this point, shopping could be a plus or minus. All the Christmas fabrics are on deep discount, but they are also picked over. I think I want to get a green because this is a very red quilt.

And in looking at the photo, I found two twisted 4-patches. Guess I’ll need my seam ripper. Other versions can be viewed at the link-up here.


This finish has also allowed me to start a new top, the Match a Patch Star that I previously mentioned. At this juncture, there is nothing to show as I was starting to sew 4-patches as leader/enders. Perhaps next week, there will be a pile of star centers done. I am really glad to have chosen this pattern as it is written use the Fons and Porter version of Easy Angle/Companion Angle rulers. Yeah for more practice making geese with this method!

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